The Hoard

After a long time coming, my father and I decided that we are going to make cleaning the mess my grandfather left us, our full time jobs. To make this experience interesting and perhaps educational for some I’m going to attempt to document it.

To understand why there is certain junk in this house you have to understand my grandfather. He was a very unpleasant person and he could not have enough stuff. He used to say “Don’t throw it out, I’ll find a use for it.”

He found a way to stuff his house. One of the classic hoarder items that he had was millions of newspapers.

20150828_102119 20150828_102141


here is an example of a trash can filled to the brim of newspapers and my father carrying newspapers to the neighbors trashcans. (we have permission, it was trash day and the trucks were coming shortly)

20150812_081223 20150828_102422 20150828_102415



This small room is crammed with furniture newspapers, boat rudders, etc….The wall behind the chair was shelving that was so stuffed the papers it almost looked like an interior design decoration.


Is the beginning, In this part of the garage we found 20 bicycles behind this junk, a bicycle made to look like a motorcycle, scooter, furniture and so much more.

20150828_105504 20150828_105524 20150828_114328 20150828_104547 20150828_08311920150828_105514


We got through a lot of the pile and opened up this hole and found more newspapers we get to dig out for the furture. And yes that is a boat, there are like at least 5 above our heads.





Here are some rooms in the garage that we will get to clean out more as we can get to it.

20150828_102328 20150828_102337


here are some more weird items.


20150812_081041 20150812_081029 20150812_081021 20150812_081053 20150812_081114 20150812_081127 20150812_081304 20150812_081009


This is a bonus story of my one night coming to the house by myself. It was eerily quiet and in the distance of the dark I could see a face….






20150604_222637 20150604_222627





I hope will consider following this story, it’s a family story and hopefully give insight to what happens when a hoarder leaves and the life you have to clean up. it has definitely made me think about what I own. There is a lot more rooms and stuff I haven’t shown, but we can only take care of so much of what we can.