Drawing Reflection 1

My mind has been swimming the last few days of what to think about this experiment to find my voice in drawing. It’s a funny thing how in the beginning of all this I would just stare at a blank and think to myself I can’t put a thing down, it’s all crap. I have now found that more I have seriously exercised myself to draw the more I want to. The fear is slowly passing. I do get caught up in looking up references and other artists at times, but I’ll be honest the majority of those images do not have an effect in what I actually put down. I am aware that my color is extremely weak and bad, I am now though much more interested in structure and basic design. For the next few months basics of drawing are my focus. I am currently taking a look through the book Charles Bargue Drawing Course. It is meant for Atliers….but so what. I know you are supposed to do exact measurements and so forth, I have obviously not been, but I do feel like I pick things up from it non the less.